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The County of Oświęcim was placed on the border between Silesia and Małopolska [Lesser Poland] on the 1st January 1999. Thanks to this, it was given a chance to become the bridge between the two regions. In the area of the district there is chemical industry in Oświęcim, metal industry in Kęty, light industry in Chełmek and mining industry in Brzeszcze. In smaller communities agriculture has developed. The unquestionable asset of the district of Oświęcim is the fact, that it belongs to the most industrialized and urbanized ones in Małopolska.


The County of Oświęcim is located in the west corner of the Voivodeship [Province] of Małopolska, bordering with the counties of:

  • Chrzanów
  • Wadowice
  • Bielsko
  • Pszczyna
  • Bieruń-Lędziny
  • Jaworzno

Its location between three large cities: Kraków, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała place a significant role in the development of the land of Oświęcim.


406km2 – which places the county on the 18th position in the voivodeship of Małopolska (the list of 22 districts)

Ladies and gentlemen,

The county of Oświęcim is a perfect place for spare time activities for people with a passion for history and love of nature. Beautiful scenery, numerous fishpounds, clean rivers and historic monuments characteristic to this area make the Land of Oświęcim an attractive place for recreation. The weel-known valley called „Dolina Karpia” (Valley of the Carp) near to the Zator is of the main attraction of the district. Walking routes on the Skawa River along green wicker bushes, ponds with clusters of sweet flag and bulrush as well as numerous habitats of waterfowl includings herons, swans and cormorants are wonderful places for hiking and birg-watching.

The Land of Oświęcim situated in the central part of the Valley of Oświęcim between the Vistula, the Skawa and the Sola rivers was historically connected with the castellany (traditional name of this region in the past) and later with the Duchies of Oświęcim and Zator. The intersection of important trade routies and high agriculture helped to develop the Land of Oświęcim and the towns became the seats of well-knowns and respected families of the gentry and barons.

The present shape of the district is the result of an administrative reform in 1999. It consists of 9 cummunities: the town community of Oświęcim, 4 town and village communities and 4 village cummunities. The county covers the area of 406sqm and is inhabited by over 153 thousand residents.

Best regards

Józef Krawczyk

Head of the County of Oświęcim

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